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The Foundation for Higher Education Accreditation (FFHEA) consists of individuals and institutions professionally engaged or interested in the promotion of post-secondary education in the academic disciplines of Emergency Management and related disciplines by offering these opportunities:

COLLABORATION between all professional organizations working to build all emergency management and related professions.

ACCREDITATION for institutions offering degree programs for all emergency management and related professions.

HONOR SOCIETY for students working toward degrees in the emergency management profession.

RESEARCH relating to all related disciplines.

FFHEA seeks a full partnership with all professional organizations around the world, working to build the professions of emergency management and related disciplines, including homeland security, continuity management,  risk management, fire service, law enforcement, safety and security.

We recognize that each of these organizations have been involved in this field far in advance of our formation and mission.  We salute you for your accomplishments and invite you to join our efforts, as we have yours.  If you or your organization would be interested in becoming a member, trainer, partner or leader, please let us know.

NEWS: July 27, 2013 The Foundation Board is working toward a new format for emergency related professions that make the Foundation as accreditor of accrediting organizations, allowing member organizations to join the Foundation.  This change will create a Council of Emergency Management, which will automatically become a member of the Foundation.  Watch for more information.